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The Niagara Peninsula’s Fantastic Fruit Belt

With a unique climate and fertile soils, the Niagara Peninsula possesses an ideal crop-growing environment that yields a wide range of quality fruits and vegetables all throughout the year. The Peninsula is separated into two different plains, with the Ontario Plain offering the fertile soils that are most ideal for agriculture. The Ontario Plain is…
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Fish And Our Farm-to-Table Menu

The current seasonal menu at Windows by Jamie Kennedy Fresh Grill & Wine Bar is a celebration of Niagara’s winter bounty and features amazing appetizers, entrees and desserts that showcase the region’s freshest and most flavourful ingredients. And among the menu’s innovative and delicious meat and vegetable dishes are some incredible seafood offerings that are…
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Niagara’s Incredible Ice Wine

The Niagara Peninsula is a world-renowned wine-growing region, consistently producing a wide range of award-winning wines that are distributed and enjoyed around the world.  But what truly sets the Niagara Peninsula apart from the majority of other wine-growing regions is the winter conditions that allow for the production of ice wine. This highly sought-after dessert…
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Exploring Niagara’s Fall Harvest

Fall has officially arrived and along with vibrant foliage and crisp weather comes an incredible harvest of delicious fruits and vegetables ready to pick, eat, and enjoy all across the Niagara Region. Get into the spirit of the season by picking your own fruits and vegetables at a local farm or orchard, visiting an award-winning…
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Embrace the Wonder of Preserves at Windows

Nothing says farm-to-table quite like visiting a local orchard to pick your own fruit and bringing it all home to make some delicious preserves. And because summer is coming to a close and fall is on its way in, now is the perfect time to gather some juicy Niagara peaches and plums to make tasty…
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